Monday, March 18, 2013

oh and more!

to those of you question why i wouldnt report my mom and get my 2 younger sisters out. well, I couldn't bear to have my youngest sis, and even middle one a tiny bit. couldnt bear to see them lose their parents. and be seperated forever. my youngest sister is so fragile and I couldnt bear hurting her like that. I was briefly taken away from mom by cps before in 4th grade and well. dont want makenna going through that. Yeah, had a better life briefly with them but still. she deserves so much more, even if it's a broken home. It's still home and full of people she loves. and she's my stepdads only daughter. dont want to hurt him that way.
Currently feeling like bella in new moon? she hurts so much over losing edward she holds herself to keep from falling apart. thats how have felt for past 2, 3 hours. i hurt so bad.....Trying to be the best mom i can be, and just throwing the attention on. even after all my efforts still feel so down. like he deserves so much better than stupid old me. though i dont do anything awful, am always nice and courteous. smile to everyone. and am a good person.

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